00370 Worshipping Buddha is Worshipping One's True Self
00370 Worshipping Buddha is Worshipping One's True Self
No. 00370
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 19880602
Place / Hualien,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 58
Publication No. / CD-MP3-CG01
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Why do all the fellow initiates who practice the Quan Yin Method have (inner or outer) experiences? Master answered a series of questions. Fellow initiates talked about their miraculous experiences. The child of a fellow initiate had a fever for a week. The doctor couldn’t heal him, but after wearing Master’s photo for five minutes, his fever lessened. The initiate asked Master if they could use the same treatment next time. While driving on the road, a fellow initiate’s car overturned, but why was he fine, he even felt comfortable? Without talking on the phone, how did the professional architects know that Master needed them while they all arrived from different places on the same day? What’s the real way to worship Buddha? Why is it said that Buddha is in our heart? Will we have Buddhist relics after practicing spiritually? How do you concentrate on the wisdom eye? What’s the difference between healing with magic power and with Master’s blessing? What is initiation? (The lectures do not contain the complete meditation instruction. It’s for reference only. Please do not try it alone or teach others.)