Video-S7 The Grace of the Ultimate Master
Video-S7 The Grace of the Ultimate Master
No. S7
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2005.02.26
Place / Hungary Center
Language / English
Time (mins) / 30,35,33,32
Published date / 2019.09
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You have to put priority, have to know what’s the most important thing. Now you know everything really helps. Very difficult to tell you what is what. Because you have to also be sincere, you know? For example, if you watch TV for one hour, you have like 2000 points. My TV, my video. Even my poems, listening to my poem, my songs, anything, or any of the things I say, jokes, whatever. Poetry even, 400 points for one song that you listen, suppose I sing it. If it puts your mind at rest a little bit, then you have points. Not because of the music, but because your mind is at rest, so the Master Power can pour in.

Everything I created, or everything to do with me has a lot of points. Just to look at it, just to look for five minutes, you have 50 points. Just looking and admiring it. So the thing is, you go outside and exhibit my stuff and all that, it helps a lot of people. I don’t have to do anything, they get help anyway. That’s how we help the world, you see? Whatever it is, if you remember the Master, you get points. And the rememberance brings you spiritual upliftment. I just talk in points, so that at least you can know the value of it. But of course, the merit is immense.

As long as you improve your life, that means you have progress. Because the higher you go, the better your life. So, that means you have gone a little higher. You have to pay for what your karma is, no? Sorry about that. But at least you know your life improved. These miracles come with your practice, and the Master always protects you, at least whatever possible. Whatever possible. And (whether) the meditation improves or not, you’ve got to do it yourself. Otherwise, Master already helped you with the other things to facilitate your practice, so use that. So ease your mind, so you don’t have to worry about money, apartment problem, so that you can meditate better.

Everybody wants to destroy the devil, and help the good, and clean the world and everything. Things are less simple. It’s connected all together. If you destroy one thing, it might connect with the other, and all are destroyed. That’s why we have to repair the universe; put things back where it belongs. That’s why the Master came down. Firstly, if I already take the trouble to bring you, to take you, then I’ll take you to the end. You’re already in my car. You’re not going anywhere. Must go Home. I’m a serious driver, no? I give you a real lift.