Video-S9 Amazing Beings
Video-S9 Amazing Beings
No. S9
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2005.02.27
Place / Hungary Center
Language / English
Time (mins) / 37,39,36
Published date / 2019.10
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I have a Rottweiler. He's very naughty, so smart, very loving, very protective, very intelligent, and very snuggling, snuggling, but stubborn. He knows this is his house. He knows I love him. And if a smaller dog comes, he's very gentle. He plays tug of war with them with the toys, but he never really yanks them and runs away and all that. Never. And the small guy always wins, because he gives in. He's really cute when you observe. And he talks, and he's very protective. That's why when I first came here, the next day, he told the dogs here, "Take care of my Master." And they all came and sat in front of my trailer, waiting to say hallo.

The dogs are extremely intelligent, if you treat them like one, you will be surprised. You will be surprised. The very small Maltese, when he first came, We took him to the school. They call it K-9 (Canine) Cadet. he had been a favorite student there. They told me that he was very tidy. He always went to the corner there to do his toilet, and he never made any trouble. He shared all the toys. He didn’t bark loud, and he was licking them all the time, anybody in the house. Everybody came, he welcomed and…kissing, kissing everybody. You don’t need to teach a dog. If you love him, he responds. He responds with love, and he will surprise you no end.

Some dogs have gifts to bring along with them. And whoever’s nice to them, they give it to them. Cats mostly came from Astral Level, so they have magic power. They are very psychic. Cats are very psychic. Dogs are very loyal, and have a lot of good sense and intellect, because they came from Second Level. They are beings from Second Level who came down specially for some reason. Mostly to help their friends or relatives still there, or something like that, or some attachment somewhere. Cows are from almost the Fifth Level, border of Fourth and Fifth. Cows, all the cows are from there. And they eat them. The cow is a benefactor of mankind. Understand? We should never touch them.