02081 The Infinite Blessings of Meditation
02081 The Infinite Blessings of Meditation
No. 02081
Category / Master and Disciple-Retreat
Event date / 20071024&25
Place / Paris,France
Language / English
Time (mins) / 78
Publication No. / DVD-804
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In this loving lecture given on Ching Hai’s Day, the Supreme Master Ching Hai expounded the benefits of meditation in daily life. Meditation not only helps you, but also everyone around you – in your area, village, town, city, and much farther! Meditation generates positive energy that transforms people to be more constructive, loving, and Buddha-like. Through funny stories and living examples, Master shared her own experiences with the disciples about how the world around her changed through meditation. Master also elaborated the advantage of simple living and the way to improve our life effortlessly to live in a carefree and fulfilling state.