02084-1 Food For The Soul
02084-1 Food For The Soul
No. 02084-1
Category / Master and Disciple-Retreat
Event date / 20071027
Place / Paris,France
Language / English
Time (mins) / 75
Publication No. / DVD-808
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Many centuries ago, a great and saintly Quan Yin practitioner from Persia known as Rumi helped to enlighten people throughout the ages with his devotional poetry. He speaks of a love beyond this physical existence; it awaits us, whenever we reflect inwardly in meditation. He mentions the dangers of this physical world to our soul and reminds us that our true life and treasure are not material, and that the best time to meditate is all through the night..."darkness and the living waters are lovers"... "midnight but your forehead shines with dawn". The poet speaks of a love so passionate and so pure that it inspires us to hurry in finding our own true selves.