00588 Disclosing One's Inner Power
00588 Disclosing One's Inner Power
No. 00588
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1989.06.08
Place / (Costa Rica)
Language / English
Translation / Spanish
Time (mins) / 1h52m45s
Publication No. / CD-ES81
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  • Summary

Why is that the Quan Yin Method offers us such a powerful, immediate enlightened result? Because this is our own power, the inborn nature of God or what we call the Buddha nature. We awaken to this inborn nature, this inborn power, our real power. This power we rely on is not from outside. As Buddha said, "Rely on the Self, but no one else." "The Self" means the Buddha nature. It's our great nature, not this physical body. It's what Christians mean by "The Kingdom of God is within you."