Video-0809 The Heart of Renunciation
Video-0809 The Heart of Renunciation
No. 0809
Category / Master and Disciple
Event date / 2007.10.27
Place / (France) Paris
Language / English
Time (mins) / 114
Published date / 2008.05
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  • Summary

Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly narrated some stories from the Far East, illustrating that the true renunciation is within the heart. In one of the stories, Sukhdev was born as a sage and practiced asceticism, yet he still had to request initiation from a worldly person, King Janak. It explains that even though an enlightened soul may have different identities, such as a king like Janak, a carpenter like Kabir, or a monk like Shakyamuni Buddha, his outer appearance wouldn’t affect his inner realization at all. If someone slanders or suspects him of ignorance, it would only be harmful to the accuser. Everyone has fixed karma in this lifetime. Even the great masters have to suffer. However, as true lovers of God, we spiritual practitioners fear nothing. We renounce in our hearts and devote ourselves entirely to Hirm!