Video-0467 The Suffering of This World Comes from Our Ignorance
Video-0467 The Suffering of This World Comes from Our Ignorance
No. 0467
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1995.01.10
Place / (Singapore)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 113
Published date / 2001.05
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  • Summary

Master said that the suffering of this world comes from our ignorance. Why? Why must we remember the purpose of our coming to this world? If the only difference between Heaven and this Earth is the vibration and the frequency; then what’s the relationship between the vibration of the Earth and disaster, earthquake and all kinds of eventful weather? How can we elevate the vibration of the Earth? In Master’s lecture, She specially emphasized, “Every day we must receive good information, positive information, constructive information, enlightened, wise information. And then from the brain, it will direct the cells, the nervous system, and everything we do will be only good, only peaceful, only wise, only constructive, positive things. And that’s how we save the world.”

Topics addressed

Why would people forget their purpose of coming to this world?
Why are all the sufferings and wars originated from human ignorance?
The only difference between heaven and earth is the vibration; is it possible to turn earth into heaven?
The parable describing how the red goblin and green goblin lived with each other illustrated how people should learn the lesson of "love".
Why would material needs make us forget our ability inherited from heaven?
What is the Convenient Method? How do we practice it, and what benefit can we derive from it?
Should we harm sentient beings in order to protect the safety of our family?
What is the Quan Yin Method and the Initiation?
Definition of the "No sexual misconduct" precept. How to observe it? What is the proper attitude that spiritual practitioners should maintain towards "outside affairs"?
Will things that happen in dreams materialize in the future? Can spiritual practitioners change the future?
How long does it take to get "enlightenment"? How can we attain it faster?
Is it possible for someone who worries about earning a living every day to be initiated, and to pursue spiritual practice?