01931-V0747 Children of the Dragon and Fairy
01931-V0747 Children of the Dragon and Fairy
No. 01931-V0747
Category / Master and Disciple-Group Meditation
Event date / 2002.05.11,12 &13
Place / Florida Center, U.S.A.
Language / English+Aulacese
Time (mins) / 1h27m10s
Publication No. / CD-E747/ DVD-747
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Excerpt from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture:

"... Au Lac is a good name indeed.  "Au Co Lac Nghiep."  Au Co (the fairy) and Lac Long Quan (the dragon) are our ancestors.  It means we are the children of the fairy and the dragon.

"... Au Lac is an ideal name to remind us of our origin as children of the dragon and the fairy, not of just ordinary human beings.  The dragon and the fairy are awesome beings.  They can fly anywhere around the world and it is because they are used to flying.  No one can hold them back.  They can always slip out and start flying again.  No one can hold back the dragon and the fairy at all, right? What heroic figures! ..."

We all should get what we want for we’re God anyway.  We don’t usually wish for much, but if we do, we should get it.  If God can’t get what Hes wants, then who can?  If the Buddha can’t have what He wishes then who can?  It’s just because we don’t know ourselves.  The moment we realize ourselves, we’ll be scared to death.