Video-0762 Dealing with Karma
Video-0762 Dealing with Karma
No. 0762
Category / Video Conference
Event date / 2002.09.08,2002.09.29
Place / (Mexico) Mexico City Center:(Costa Rica) San Jose Center
Language / English
Time (mins) / 100
Published date / 2006.07
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  • Summary

This video/audio covers two of Master's video conferences with disciples. She kindly answers fellow initiates' questions on spiritual practice. How can one control his/her mind and overcome obstacles on the spiritual path? How can we avoid unpleasant interactions with others? She also reveals secrets to spiritual progress. Other than through extensive meditation practice, when is the best time to exercise your free will?  How do we love animals? How can one become a tool for God? Her warm encouragement cheers us up and her perfect responses to questions serve as valuable guidance.

  1. How to keep your pets clean and smell nice?
  2. Due to outside influences, children of fellow practitioners may sometimes crave for food that contains eggs. What should the parents do to guide them?
  3. In spiritual practice, how can one control the mind, including the attachments, desires, and selfishness?
  4. If everything in life is created by karma, when can we exercise our freewill?
  5. We need to recite the Five Holy Names for protection and blessing while living in this world, but do we have to continue after we die?
  6. Do we still have the ego after we are dead? Will God then eliminate the ego for us?
  7. What should we do if we feel pressure on the chest or our head moving during meditation?
  8. How can we avoid the repetitive occurrence of unpleasant interaction with others?
  9. How to overcome one's obsession with sex?
  10. When negative things are happening to us, how can we overcome them with a positive attitude?
  11. If the vegetarian spiritual practitioners receive blood transfusion from ordinary people, would their spiritual practice be affected?
  12. Is it okay to use “visualization” to help our planet and our life?