00077 The Virtuous Atmosphere of Spiritual Practitioners
00077 The Virtuous Atmosphere of Spiritual Practitioners
No. 00077
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19860810+11
Place / Taipei,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 42
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Splendid Content~

       Master shared her story of getting along with wild life in Germany. In responding  to her virtuous atmosphere from being vegetarian,  her garden was like a zoo. Master also  told her experience  of getting along with centipedes and   scorpions during her retreat in the Himalayas. She explained that the kind-hearted  atmosphere of vegetarian made animal feel happy to see   us because they knew we had no intention of killing, so they feel safe and not afraid..

       What is Alayavijnana? Alayavijnana records and plays many things, it is  the “I”. We can attain Buddhahood fast, but our spiritual practiceslows down because we’re wrapped by this “I”.   The biggest    hindrance is this “I”. It did not exist originally; it’s the influence of the record    which turned into the “I”. Really there’s no such “I” because if we separate our body part by part, where is this “I” ?.



1.Does the animal have thought and feelings? We raise dogs and cats and know that they are very kind to human beings, they are  loyal and, friendly. So are other animals. We would not say that we don’t know that they can feel pain. There might be excuses if we do not know it; but there’s absolutely no excuse to eat them intentionally and allow them to be killed when we do know they feel pain.

2.Why do temples worship different host Buddha?  What’s the difference between Buddha and Sakyamuni?

3.What do Buddha and Bodhisattva stand for? Why does master say that Lao Tzu, Confucius and Jesus Christ were also the Buddha?

4.What’s the difference between the jobs of Sakyamuni Buddha and QuanYing Bodhisattva? Why do more Sentient beings like QuanYing Bodhisattva better?

5.Master, Great Master, Grand Master, which form of address in Buddhism is appropriate?

6.We need to master ego for our own use when alive. How to train it to be a good slave instead of our bad master? 

7.Because of this “I”, we reincarnate  in the cycle of life and death. Why does Master erase most of the “I” during initiation but still reserve a little ”I” for us ?

8.Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Mohammed, Confucius and Lao Tzu are the five religions founders, yet we can’t see the real founder. This is the forever existing Tao, the everlasting power. From this forever existing Tao and this everlasting power, it manifested the form of Sakyamuni, Jesus Christ that looked like us so as to communicate and talk with us.


This inspiring discourse was recorded during the early years before Supreme Master Ching Hai began to give public lectures. We offer to all truth-seekers who can appreciate this sharing with sincerity, although the quality of recording was less than perfection due to limited preparation and lack of advanced equipment at that time. Please pardon us for imperfect audio quality at times.