Video-0736 The Illusionary Game of Life
Video-0736 The Illusionary Game of Life
No. 0736
Category / Master and Disciple
Event date / 2002.05.11,2002.05.12,2002.05.13
Place / (USA) Florida Center
Language / English
Time (mins) / 106
Published date / 2006.11
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  • Summary

In a joyous and relaxing atmosphere, Master met with fellow practitioners in Florida Center during Master's birthday celebration in May, 2002. Master eloquently spoke about the different races of people by using examples of various desserts. She then related stories from the Bible and the Koran about vegetarian and nonvegetarian food.
Master explained that we must understand the situation in which past saints and prophets lived, in order to understand events such as Muhammad offering a goat and God commanding Abraham to offer his son, if we want to read the scriptures.


「God is almighty, understand? There is no mystery in the Master's doings, He does what he has to do, sometime it does not comply with our tradition, sometime it seems immoral, but a Master does what he has to do...... 」. Master said, 「This world is like an illusion in a mirror, we realize we are God by acting the role of『non God』」
  1. We may sometimes feel sorry for our loved ones because they don't know or believe in God, especially if we can't find the right words to tell them about God. Please listen to Master's suggestions on this subject.
  2. Can we ask Master to elevate us to the Fifth Realm in this life?
  3. Some people choose to become initiated, but later stop spiritual practice. How and why does this happen?
  4. Why is that our true Self can only be perceived through the illusory material life?
  5. What is "God consciousness" and how does it differ from "spiritual liberation"?
  6. What are the various types of spiritual affiliation between Master and disciples? How does a living Master use these links to guide disciples on the spiritual path?
  7. How do we help others through prayer?
  8. What is the purpose of a Master transforming himself/herself into the physical forms of countless sentient beings?
  9. To attend meditation retreats and strive for spiritual growth are important. But how do we balance financial concerns and spiritual practice? Master discusses this topic and initiates share their experiences.
  10. What is the correct attitude when responding to others' negative remarks, scolding or cursing and how should we view such treatment?
  11. Sometimes life tests us with severe tasks and challenges, and drags us into various dilemmas. Please listen to Master's courageous personal stories related to this topic.
  12. Listen to the amazing stories and experience shared by fellow practitioners. Their love and faith in God will touch you deeply.