02120 Live Our Lives with Conscience & Love
02120 Live Our Lives with Conscience & Love
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Video/Tele conference
Event date / 20080802
Place / Penghu,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 63
Publication No. / DVD-848
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Penghu is a small island located off the southwest coast of Formosa (Taiwan). Surrounded by the ocean, people there can clearly see the effects of climate change already.  Our Association members in Penghu thus especially invited Supreme Master Ching Hai to discuss this global issue via video-conference.

The Supreme Master expressed, “I am also very worried, but we can only advise people to change.  We can only help the Earth and ourselves by persuading people to change their lifestyle and live their life with conscience and love. Our Inner Self has everything.  Our Inner Self has the Almighty power, God’s power.  If we turn to our Inner Self, keep a vegetarian diet, be moral and be a really good person, we can surely save everything.”