Video-0673 Transcend Emotions
Video-0673 Transcend Emotions
No. 0673
Category / Master and Disciple
Event date / 1999.11.28,1999.11.29,1999.12.02
Place / (South Africa) Cape Town
Language / English
Time (mins) / 105
Published date / 2001.11
Updated date / 2017.03
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture:

We always need protection because we're not at home here in this physical body. In this physical world we're not at home. That's why a lot of things happen to us. Sometimes people have negative powers possess them; sometimes disaster befalls them; sometimes other people abuse them because they misunderstand each other and they're all human together and haven't risen unto the higher level of consciousness. We always need protection, but the only true protection is God's protection. So you have to awaken the God within you and ask for protection from there; it's the highest protection! Most people don't remember that protection within themselves; so they go to seek anybody who can protect them. But the highest protection is within you. That's why I give people the way, I show people the way to awaken themselves and protect themselves. Because you're the only one that's with you twenty-four hours a day. No matter if there are bodyguards or policemen, they can't be with you twenty-four hours. You're the only one that's with you twenty-four hours a day. So you should be awakened within yourselves and find God, the protection.


We practice the Quan Yin Method to become enlightened, and not to turn into wood or stone. Our love, affection, and feeling for everything become more intense, because we are warmer, and more real and true to ourselves, without any obstruction from preconceived ideas. We become freer.

Concentrate inwardly. The answers to all the questions are inside. Only when you panic or worry too much, or pay too much attention to other things, that you cannot not hear the word of God…. The Word has the answer to all your questions.

  1. Will initiation change our destiny or future?
  2. Do the people in the Himalayas who are over 500 years old also practice the Quan Yin Method? Is their longevity related to the Quan Yin Method?
  3. What is the relationship between the Light and the Sound?
  4. What are Master’s views towards eating raw organic food? Does she support the idea, or does she have other opinions?
  5. Many people panic over the approach of the Millennium; they worry about losing their lives, homes, work, and money. However, Master explains that if we are not spiritually enlightened, we have already lost everything!
  6. Some people become impatient about leaving the world after the initiation; the truth is, it is not easy to be born as humans. In this flesh, we can enjoy both the physical and heavenly dimensions. Do you believe it?
  7. When some monkeys in the United States were taught how to use a glass, other monkeys in Africa which had never seen a glass, also knew how to use it. Why is this so?
  8. What are the “third eye” and the “chakras”? Where are the chakras on our body? Is it good to concentrate on the heart chakra?
  9. Does matrimonial life interfere with spiritual practice? Under what circumstances is a married life conducive to spiritual practice?
  10. What is the difference between passionate love and indiscriminate love?