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Video-0820 Kabir and the True Spirit of Sainthood
In this loving gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai read a poem written by Saint Kabir. Master encouraged us that everyone can be a Saint. She said, “There’s no mystical thing about being a saint. Nothing at all! Just truly your desire for God, that’s it. That’s the ..(more)
Video-0821 Rise Above Death
Supreme Master Ching Hai walks us through the understanding of the deep poetic truths that are locked in the scriptures of the ancient gurus—in this case the Indian poet Kabir. It is within these teachings that we can begin to comprehend the infinite value of the ..(more)
Video-0822 Laugh Your Way to Heaven
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai talks about a variety of topics with much humor and laughter. For example, on the theme of gender, she jokes, “In the world, 1/4 of the population look like women but they are not women and 1/5 look like men but they are ..(more)
Video-0823 Holiday to Glorify All the Saints
As the video/audio begins, our happy Santa Supreme Master Ching Hai is singing songs and handing out presents to her hard working elves! Initiates from all over the world then sing festive songs to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who Master said, “symbolizes all the ..(more)
Video-0824 Live in Joy
Supreme Master Ching Hai delicately chooses many jokes as gifts of joy for this mundane world. For example, a lion asks every animal he meets, “who is the strongest in the woods?” and gets a surprising answer from an elephant. One group of bats sees that one of their ..(more)
Video-0825 International Best-Selling Author, Supreme Master Ching Hai for the Book Premiere of "The Noble Wilds"
In "The Noble Wilds", international best-selling author, Supreme Master Ching Hai offers us the rare privilege to visit the realm of a special consort of noble wild animals. From the beautiful quietude and love that encompasses the Amora village, to the untainted fauna ..(more)
Video-0826(1.2) SOS! International Seminar on Global Warming: Protecting Lives and Saving the Earth
In light of the urgent situation of climate change, is there an effective way to immediately curb global warming? During the SOS International Conference on Global Warming held in Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized once again, “The vegetarian diet. It’s the ..(more)
Video-0827 Go All Out to Resolve the Ecocrisis
Right now our earth’s situation is really urgent. The solution is simple: Stop eating meat, use sustainable energy, bio-degradable products and plant trees. Then naturally the planet will return to its state of harmony and balance. The planet’s very existence is in ..(more)
Video-0828 Changing the World with Love
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a story about a wealthy prince who renounced the world and explains that attaining enlightenment is not determined by one’s wealth, position or background. Whoever sincerely seeks the Truth will likely develop oneself ..(more)
Video-0830 The Way of the Sufis
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai told two Islamic stories. “The Gnat and the Elephant” is a simple, interesting, funny story with a profound spiritual theme. As explained by the Supreme Master, the ego makes us feel that we are so important and it makes ..(more)
Video-0833 Celestial Art (Part I)--Hsihu Center
The Supreme Master Ching Hai has been spreading the Quan Yin Method for over two decades now. The Hsihu Center in Formosa (Taiwan) has therefore developed into a sacred place for spiritual practice that is serene and beautiful. With heavenly inspiration, the Supreme ..(more)
Video-0834 Celestial Art (Part II) –– Heavenly Beauty
“Everything I do is inspired from Heaven. I don't think that I, as a mortal, am capable of creating such beautiful things.They’re just inspired from Heaven.So we call them ‘the Celestial Collection of Beauty’." ~Supreme Master Ching Hai Spiritual teacher, ..(more)
Video-0836 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Vegetarianism is the Solution to Save the World
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture: “According to the UN report and scientific evidence, CO2 is not even the most lethal. It's not even the most deadly of all the pollution. I'll give you some examples. For example, methane is like 23 times more potent ..(more)
Video-0837(1.2) 2008 Critical Moments to Save the Earth: What Can I Do?
The“2008 Critical Moments to Save the Earth: What Can I Do?” seminar took place during the summer in Taipei, Formosa (Taiwan). Hosting the event, the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association invited legislators and representatives from the government, as well ..(more)
Video-0838(1.2) Heart-Touch Tour of the Supreme Master Ching Hai: Eden on Earth Arts Gallery Exhibition
Featuring photographs taken by Supreme Master Ching Hai during the compilation of her international best-selling book, “The Noble Wilds”, this video/audio was filmed at the Eden on Earth Arts Gallery Exhibition as a part of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s “Heart-Touch ..(more)