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Video-0839 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: A Noble Goal & Change of Heart Can Save the Planet
In response to the deep concern that Aulacese Association members have for global warming, Supreme Master Ching Hai generously agreed to have a video conference on this important topic. She encouraged the attendees to diligently spread the information regarding global ..(more)
Video-0841(1.2.3) Climate Change International Conference—Supreme Master Ching Hai with Hollywood Celebrities
In this spectacular interactive Hollywood event, shown live to a global audience on Supreme Master Television, an exceptional gathering of scientists, politicians, media, Hollywood producers, and interfaith leaders joined together with a star-studded line-up of ..(more)
Video-0842 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Leading a Virtuous Lifestyle in Accord with the Law of Love
The global warming crisis is now urgently requiring immediate action. Supreme Master Ching Hai mentions in this videoconference that the climate change could accelerate to the point of no return, “Unless people change to a more benevolent lifestyle that is respecting ..(more)
Video-0843 SOS: Stop Global Warming Seminar
The “SOS Stop Global Warming Seminar” hosted in Japan in the summer of 2008 was an international gathering of concerned dignitaries from different fields. Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously attended through video conference and shared her insight of the great ..(more)
Video-0844(1.2) Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai: Premiere of "The Birds in My Life" (Aulacese & German Edition)
“The Birds in My Life” is Supreme Master Ching Hai’s #1 bestselling book worldwide, which was recently translated into Aulacese (Vietnamese), German, and French. During the book release conference, the Author kindly answered questions, saying, “The animals that come ..(more)
Video-0845(1.2.3) Supreme Master TV’s 2nd Anniversary: A Cultural Celebration Honoring All Life
Supreme Master Television, the worldwide phenomenon of constructive news and programming and featuring programs promoting peace and love among human beings, animals and the Mother Earth, celebrated its 2nd Anniversary in September of 2008. Internationally renowned ..(more)
Video-0846 "Stop Global Warming: Act Now" Conference
As a specially honored guest, Supreme Master Ching Hai answered various questions raised by the attendees of this video-conference held in October, 2008 in Thailand. The conference was attended by people from all reaches of society including distinguished scientists, ..(more)
Video-0847 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment— Be Veg: Change Our Destiny and Save the Planet
In this delightful video-conference between Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Seoul, Korea Center, Master emphasizes throughout the lecture the importance of spreading the vegetarian way of life to save our planet. The Korean people were very optimistic concerning the ..(more)
Video-0848 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Live Our Lives with Conscience & Love
Penghu is a small island located off the southwest coast of Formosa (Taiwan). Surrounded by the ocean, people there can clearly see the effects of climate change already. Our Association members in Penghu thus especially invited Supreme Master Ching Hai to discuss this ..(more)
Video-0849 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Compassion Begets Compassion
In response to the deep concern of Australian Association members on the incessant natural disasters around the world caused by global warming, Supreme Master Ching Hai comforted them via a videoconference saying, “If human beings could regain the memory of their great ..(more)
Video-0850 Purity of Heart Can Create Many Miracles
Have you ever dreamt of visiting the stars and other planets? In this lecture between Supreme Master Ching Hai and disciples, one disciple tells of his amazing experiences in practicing the Quan Yin method and the many miracles that have occurred in his life due to ..(more)
Video-0851 Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Celestial Art” Book Premiere (Chinese Edition)
Through the many years of inner contemplation and spiritual awakening, the Supreme Master Ching Hai has blessed this world with an array of creative expression. From heavenly inspiration, she has been effortlessly and playfully guided through each brush stroke and ..(more)
Video-0852(1.2) Video Conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai Premiere of the English Edition of "Celestial Art"
Attendees at the conference for the worldwide release of the English version of Celestial Art, held in Los Angeles USA, were greeted and entertained by an abundance of varying artistic creations. An immense joy, love, peace and serenity radiated from the “Celestial ..(more)
Video-0853 Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by East Coast FM Radio
During this candid interview, Supreme Master Ching Hai reveals that countless animals are trying to help wake up the human race by sacrificing their lives. All disasters and meat borne diseases are warning signs, as Heaven’s last resort to sound the alarming ..(more)
Video-0854(1.2) Media Interviews with Supreme Master Ching Hai: James Bean of Spiritual Awakening Radio, Bob Lebensold of Environmentally Sound Radio, Ms. Andrea Bonnie of Irish Independent Newspaper
This video/audio collects fantastic interviews between Spiritual Awakening Radio, Environmentally Sound Radio in the USA and the Irish Independent newspaper, with the Supreme Master Ching Hai, featuring topics on spiritual practice such as: the NQ (Noble Quotient) of ..(more)