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Video-1093 Buddhist Stories: The Buddha’s Previous Incarnation As a King Named Great Clear Light
To be hated is bad, but to be loved is not easy. Humans, we’re born intelligent. With a lot of complicated nervous system, and intelligence. Therefore, we’re also complicated in different ways. It has good and bad. It’s good to have your own meditation center. Because ..(more)
Video-1095 Buddhist Stories: The Bondswoman Punna
There was a joke, the disciple asked the Zen Master, “Master, I ask for nothing, I just ask you please bring me to the land of eternal peace.” And the Master said, “Yeah, even if I can, it won’t be peace anymore.” Looks like he knows. The Master knows everything. And ..(more)
Video-1096 Labor Day
I’ve just found it in the kitchen. And then I thought of you right away. I said, “Wow!” I didn’t come here for this actually. I just came to check out the sleepy...outside. And then, I found treasure. And then I thought, “OK, today is a non-working day for the ..(more)
Video-1097 Buddhist Stories: Treasurer Catfoot Bilalapadaka
But there were two little young boys, two young boys. They enjoy it so much, so they had two potatoes but they chewed them very, very slowly and thoroughly, and they lived strong, healthy, they enjoyed it and felt grateful for that, and they chewed slowly, chewed until ..(more)
Video-1098 Buddhist Stories: "The Brahmin with a Single Robe"
Not only if we are slow in doing a good deed, then we have less merit, but then, meanwhile, the mind will be occupied with evil thinking as well. So if you think it’s a good thing, then do it right away. Occupy yourself with that before your mind will have nothing to ..(more)
Video-1099 Buddhist Stories: Pathika the Naked Ascetic
Video-1100 Master Serves Disciples
The people who did not eat this kind of fruit before, raise hand. I just want to give it to those who did not eat, you all ate it already, where? All countries have it now? Oh! What? (We haven't eaten from You, Master.) So you still want me to be a waiter? OK. All ..(more)
Video-1101 Buddhist Stories: "A Man Named Coppertooth"
In this lecture Supreme Master Ching Hai discusses the turbulent refugee situation in Europe. The Supreme Master says that she offered financial assistance to the countries that accepted refugees, and also speaks of specific ways in which the public can help. Master ..(more)
Video-1102 Buddhist Stories: "The Lay Disciple Atulah"
Always be considerate, otherwise you’ll go nowhere. You’ll never go up anywhere. If you improve yourself in real life, then it’s good for you, and good for the people around you. It’s not good just to be enlightened inside. Who cares if you become Buddha or not, if you ..(more)
Video-1103 Buddhist Stories: "A Certain Brahmin" & “There Is No Fire Like Lust"
The foundation of physical being is like that. It’s made up like that. It makes you have all kinds of desires inside your body. The cells, the hormones are driving everybody crazy. That is why it’s so difficult to leave it behind. Lust does not mean only sexual desire. ..(more)
Video-1104 Master’s Meticulous Care and Advice
Everything hygienic is good. Enlightenment is better of course. But coupled with hygiene is better for your body as well. We can’t have everything in this world. Even your most beloved families sometimes you argue and you have inconvenience and you have trouble with ..(more)
Video-1105 Buddhist Stories: "Husband-Honorer"
The Supreme Master Ching Hai told the Buddhist story "Woman who honored husband highly.” This woman used to be a nymph of the Astral World, and was one of the wives of God of Garland Wearer. When her merits were used, she was born into the country, Savatthi. Once ..(more)
Video-1107 Buddhist Stories: "A Certain Monk"
There are two kinds of control you have to do. The obvious thoughts that are running around all the time. And another one is the very subtle thoughts that you don’t even know you have it. It’s sometimes in your subconscious that makes you do things that later you ..(more)
Video-1108 Buddhist Stories: "King Pasenadi of Kosala"
The Supreme Master Ching Hai tells the Buddhist story “King Pasenadi of Kosala,” in which a king has an enormous appetite. Because he cannot overcome his drowsiness caused by excessive eating, the king is unable to quiet down even in front of the Buddha. Thus the ..(more)
Video-1109 Buddhist Stories: Great-Wealth the Treasurer’s Son
Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a Buddhist story of “Great Wealth.” “Great Wealth” was the name of a treasurer’s son. Due to inheritance, “Great Wealth” and his wife were incredibly wealthy. But the young husband was tempted by rogues to begin indulging in drinking. ..(more)