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02174 The Gratitude of a Fox+Animals have Intelligence
Highlights At this special gathering with Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai illustrates that if everyone chooses an organic vegan diet, it not only benefits everybody and uplifts the mind, but it is also an action of filial ..(more)
02175 The Truth Behind a Master's Actions
The Supreme Master told a story of Master Rumi and explained why the real Masters always hide themselves and even act in a manner which society disapproves. As the prophet said, “God has hidden the man of greatest knowledge.” These enlightened people are known ..(more)
During an international seminar in Europe 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai told stories of Buddhism, Sufism and Islam, which all remind us that the biggest obstacle of one’s spiritual practice is our ego. As long as one still attaches to the fame and wealth of this world ..(more)
02179 Sufi Teachings & The subtlety of the Quan Yin Method
Why does someone with snakes inside not know this himself, and may even misunderstand a benefactor who is helping him be rid of the poison serpents? How could someone who cleans the chamber pots of other people every day not perceive the fragrance of Heavenly ..(more)
02181 Following the Teachings of an Enlightened Master Will Lead to High Spiritual Attainment
Master told a story about initiation. A spiritual seeker named Tina met a Muslim monk by chance and journeyed with him. This well-known fable allows us to understand it’s not that the Master doesn’t want to help us to reach the highest level, it's that the disciple ..(more)
02182 Doing Good Will Have Good Results+He Xiangu
What kind of person can be considered a true spiritual practitioner? Is it enough just to be vegan and meditate? Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us that a sincere practitioner should be considerate of others in all circumstances. When we need ..(more)
02183 A Story about Attachment+Get in Touch with Our Own Almighty Power
Many troubles in this world come from our identification of material things as ..(more)
In this gathering with International Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells the story of Princess Zeshan. To uphold a principle of truth, the princess would rather be imprisoned than yield to her father the king. The story illustrates how Heaven decides ..(more)
02190-1e Compassion is Inherent in All of Us
Supreme Master Ching Hai told Chinese legends of Mazu, the Ninth Fairy, Through the stories, we learn the influence of our ..(more)
02190-2c The Legend of the Rainbow Fairy
Executive Summary During the Chinese New Year, Supreme Master Ching Hai told us humorously the ..(more)
02207 The Spirit Catcher Ko Hsuan
Through the story of Ko Hsuan, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us that inthis world,we canalways be influenced by the negativeforce. Only by leading amorallife and practicing spiritually can we be protected. The Supreme Master ..(more)
02233 Develop Our Loving Quality
Through a story of loyalty dedicated to King Rama from his younger half-brother, Supreme Master Ching Hai once again kindly reminds us not to wish for things that belong to others nor ask anyone of anything under any name. Since we long for a ..(more)