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00782 Naroba's Spiritual Stories (IV)
Because of the extreme strict training by his Master, Naropa later became a famous Master with great compassion and very good to his disciples . ..(more)
00784 Bible Stories~The Birth of Jesus+The Boy Jesus in the Temple
The Boy Jesus in the Temple~ He had this realization when He was only twelve. He knew who He was. He knew the power of the Creator, but He didn’t understand ephemeral human relations and emotions. He didn’t recognize ephemeral human ..(more)
00794 Bible Stories~ The Sermon on the Mount+Beyond Moral Standards+The Return of the Prodigal Son
The Sermon on the Mount~ When we read the Bible or the Brahmajala Sutra, we know that we shouldn’t treat those who slander us and act badly toward us in the same way that they treat us. We should treat them with double love and kindness. If you only let him slap you ..(more)
00868 Bible Stories~The Perfect Example of a Great Saint
Jesus' death on the cross has many wonderful meanings andlessons for us. If we think about it, we could probably come to more conclusions and have more ideas.Jesus was young, very young. He could have had a beautiful lover. He could have enjoyed the world, at least after ..(more)
00959 The World of Men’s Affection
We all think that women are more affectionate than men. But is it true? In this lecture, Supreme Master Ching Hai talks about men’s affection, revealing the more affectionate aspect of the male. Supreme ..(more)
00961 The Story of Sakyamuni Buddha
Upon the eve ofthe Birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha, the Supreme Master Ching Hai told one story of SakyamuniBuddha to encourage our determination to seek enlightenment. She pointed out that ..(more)
00999 Master's Discourse to Children
This MP3 collects Master’s 4 lectures for children. With her love for children, Master always sets aside special time for children besides taking care of adult fellow initiates. She taks care ..(more)
01017 Practicing Good Method Bears Good Results
The Bible says by seeing the results, we will know the cause . Therefore, we know this method works when we practice well. Sometimes it is not just seeing the light (Guan Guang), but to see whether our heart is open or ..(more)
01018 A Dream of Tiger in the Mundane World & Eternal Love of an Enlightened Master
Supreme Master tells a story about an enlightened master and his young disciple. The young monk came to a busy town for the first time in his life and saw a beautiful woman. He knew nothing about woman and ..(more)
01024 Developing Good Morals By Reading Virtuous Books From Childhood
If we learn to be good people as children, we’re less likely to be a burden on others when we’re older. We should learn basic ethics from childhood. If there's anything you don't understand, ask your ..(more)
01027  The Ideal of Non-Violence
Highlights~ This lecture includes 3 spiritual stories. One desperately poor man throw a stone at a mango off the tree to feed himself, but the stone hit a king’s head . What punishment would he get? What decision ..(more)
01062 The Difference Between Transformation Body and Ghost
Highlights: Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us aninteresting story about an adventure to Tibet made by Ms. Alexandra David-Neel, who is famous around the world as the first European woman ..(more)
01104-1 Nectar River: Shining Example of Truth, Compassion and Beauty
In order to offer Buddha's kids a pure land for leisurely passing summer, to leave a beautiful and happy childhood for our future masters and to create an excellent place for everybody to rest their body and soul, ..(more)
01131 Diamond Princess
Highlights~ If we didn't have a lot of merit, even if we were at the level of the Bodhisattva up there, we would still be contaminated when we came down here. If we have not reached a very high level, ..(more)
01132 Five Monks: King Tsi-Li Fed Yaksas with His Blood
At one time, there were some vampires and Yaksha ghosts who often caught people to suck their blood to sustain themselves. They didn’t eat the five grains. In that country, the people were forced to keep the ten precepts, ten ..(more)