Video-0640 Sacred Communion
Video-0640 Sacred Communion
No. 0640
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1998.12.17
Place / (USA) Los Angeles
Language / Aulacese, English
Time (mins) / 35, 41, 44
Published date / 2018.07
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  • Summary

It’s not that I invented the Quan Yin Method. I know this Quan Yin Method. This method has existed since the beginning of time, when the Universe was first formed, and it will always exist. In fact, it’s not a method; but a universal path, a universal law. If we want to go back to the origin, to our true Self, or the Kingdom of God, or our Buddha Nature, we must follow this rule; it’s a science, which is very accurate, like two plus two equals to four. There is no other way.