Video-0159G Divine Grace from a Living Buddha’s Picture
Video-0159G Divine Grace from a Living Buddha’s Picture
No. 159G
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1991.03.21
Place / (U.S.A.) Montclair, CA.
Language / Aulacese
Time (mins) / 37,30,34,29
Published date / 2018.11
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  • Summary

The person who has attained Buddha Nature, their Buddha Nature and our Buddha Nature are connected, so when we remember them, it’s the same as remembering ourselves. But believing in Him/Her means we believe in the all-encompassing Buddha Nature of ourselves, nothing else. The more we believe in the Master, the more we think about Him/Her, the more we are just like Him/Her. We are more and more like Him/Her, then we are united with Him/Her; that means we’re One with our Master. The more we’re alike, the higher we go up. Untill one day, if you keep remembering my teaching and practicing it, remembering me, then my energy will merge with your energy, and then you will become me.

It’s not that I force you to adore the out side appearance. My photos, even though they are pictures, I am in them. Because I am still alive, understand? I am still alive. Anything related to me has my energy in it. It is a part of me. That’s why it has me inside. Therefore, sometimes you see me walking out from my picture. That’s why. I am every where, so why not inside my picture. Even if there is no special place in your house reserved for me, I still come, much less my chair, why wouldn’t I sit on it?

Without conflict we wouldn’t learn. When fellow practitioners test you, it means Master is testing you. So you know that everything I tell you is beneficial for you. The pictures, the blessed items, or anything, all have their purpose. A hundred percent of the time, almost everyone has some miraculous experiences to tell. No matter how much they practice, I always treat those who practice spiritually. I treat them like Master or like a living Buddha. Since ancient time, a female Master is rare to find. So once in a while, we must do something different. God created various shapes and forms.

Whether they reluctantly or firmly take steps toward peace, it was a very great effort to overcome their ego. Winning a hundred battles is not as good as winning over the ego. We’re all spiritual practitioners; we must be generous and have a broader view. I have nothing to lose. You must have something in order to lose it. I only save people. I never punish anyone. I never have any hatred in my heart but only love. If you turn your back on the light, then you will face darkness. Darkness is all the fears, insecurities, unexpected things. With the light, everything is clear, smooth, and joyful. There is no Buddha who punishes you.