Video-0669 The Mercy of God
Video-0669 The Mercy of God
No. 0669
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1999.11.27
Place / (South Africa) Cape Town
Language / English
Time (mins) / 33,34,30,31
Published date / 2018.12
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  • Summary

Death should be celebrated, not mourned because that is our final liberation. We will know everything. We will be into everything. We will be everywhere in a fraction of a second. We will have everything that we wish for come true immediately. But in order to prepare for a higher reward than just this, we should learn the art of mastery of our own destiny, of our own future, create our own Heaven, prepare our own future. Because we are the master. We are the children of the Ocean of Love, of God. We have dignity; we should walk like a God, we should act like a God, we should think like a God.

Questions and Answers:

God is all merciful and compassionate. How do You explain earthquakes, tidal waves, etc.? Your views on reincarnation, worship of ancestors, its benefits, the law of karma, cause and effect, and what do You say is the common thread that could unite all religions? How do we rid ourselves of our ego? Is there such a thing as evil spirits? How can I be and lead a spiritual life coming from a very formal religious Islamic background? How do I know what God expects of me, so as for me to practice and master those requirements? Can Master please explain to me who or what is the source of Her inspiration?

Must one ask for protection when one is busy meditating? Do we have free will or is everything predestined? Will Tai Chi help me reach a higher level of consciousness as a moving meditation? How does spiritual well-being or mental well-being relate or improve people’s health who have permanent illnesses? Can a person see God directly in meditation? I believe I have bad karma. How do I get rid of it? As an atheist, what are the benefits of Quan Yin to me? Who or what is Quan Yin? How do drugs affect one’s spiritual growth?