Video-0685 Concentration on Work: A Way of Spiritual Practice
Video-0685 Concentration on Work: A Way of Spiritual Practice
No. 0685
Category / Master and Disciple
Event date / 2000.01.01
Place / (Thailand) Bangkok
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 78
Published date / 2004.04
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  • Summary

  1. If we have extremely intense inner experiences during meditation that cause bodily stress, how should we handle this condition?
  2. How should spiritual practitioners regard "engagement in worldly affairs according to affinity," or should they face life with a more positive attitude?
  3. Can one change one's predestined karma?
  4. Master's discourse also deals with people's superstitions about fate. In times of failure or difficulty, how do we know if we should view our problems as God's will, or if we should resist them to the end?
  5. How can we improve ourselves if we feel that we lack compassion, are selfish and weigh the gains and losses in every life experience?
  6. Master reveals Her exclusive New Year's gift to disciples in the year 2000.