Video-1128C The True Spiritual Light
Video-1128C The True Spiritual Light
No. 20171008C
Category / 2017 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2017.10.08
Place / Taiwan (Formosa), Hsihu
Language / Aulacese
Time (mins) / 34,30
Updated date / 2018.03
Tables / Arabic,Aulacese,Bulgarian,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,Czech,English,French,German,Hindi,Hungarian,Indonesian,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Malay,Mongolian,Persian,Polish,Portuguese,Punjabi,Romanian,Russian,Spanish,Thai  | 
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The inner light is the true light, and the outer area’s light it the normal worldly light, on this side. The inner light protects that path, that tunnel. If not for that protection, the tunnel will be destroyed, then this world can’t connect to the higher world. The light on this side, the normal light, it the light of this world. When we are still new, and from a distance we see that light inside the belly area of our mom. So the normal people, just follow that light and enter the mother’s womb, and so reincarnates immediately and becomes the fetus. That light is the outer light that you saw. Many people don’t know because they do not practice spiritually. They think there is light, of course everybody loves the light, but that light can’t be compared to the inner bright light.