Video-1130 The Best Tool to Protect Souls
Video-1130 The Best Tool to Protect Souls
No. 1130
Category / 2017 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2017.10.27
Place / Taiwan (Formosa), Hsihu
Time (mins) / 32,28,34,37,34
Published date / 2019.02
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You should only pray for your spiritual progress. And for your ancestors to be elevated, to be born in the high realms. We should practice spiritually, to make up for our mistakes and to earn more merits. To save our soul. It doesn’t matter if we die because we will die one day. It’s important. It’s not about dying; it’s about living. When we are living, we should know how. We should take care of our soul; take care of our inside quality.

She is very kind and impartial. It's great for our Miaoli county to have a village chief like her. She is very humorous. Very good woman. Seems like I've known her for a very long time, even though I saw her only the second time. But we hit it off right away. She had some food with us. She even brought me some of these quick fix proteins. She told me, "One-time morning, one-time evening. Just like me, very fit."

Each department of the government has its own work. They will be touched by this beautiful, calm, and subdued atmosphere, humble atmosphere, that they will have to look inside, and they feel that they should be good. So, this is the way it is and we practitioners especially, we just keep calm and meditate. We use inside power to change the world. We, as Buddhists, should be like the Buddha. Or we should at least follow His example and do the same. The more, the better.

“You must to always recite the Five Holy Names to protect you. That is your shield.” So when you’re reciting and concentrating, then you will not think of nonsense or do anything bad. You have to concentrate very well. Always be alert. That is how easy it is to meditate. Otherwise the whole world would have gone to Heaven. No need for me to stand here, understand that? Have to recite the Five Holy Names. Always control your inside out. Just a little bad thinking, your level drops immediately. Because here is a place of transparency, understand? You know yourself very much right here. You cannot hide anywhere.

This place, this world here, our ashram is a very clean glass. It’s a very clean glass, and you can see right away whether the water is clear or cloudy. So you should try to keep your glass clean. Then of course you will see the Light and hear the Sound. Some people, they pray to God, they want this and that and others. And God helps them. You know, to keep their tranquility, to keep their alertness. But they have to use their instrument, their body, to do what they want to do. Because the God cannot do it for you. They don’t have the instrument. We have.