Video-1156 The Real Ashram Is Inside Us
Video-1156 The Real Ashram Is Inside Us
No. 1156
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2018.08.15
Place / Taiwan (Formosa) Yilan
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 22
Published date / 2018.10
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  • Summary

Of course it’s nice if we have an ashram, but if not, we can still practice spiritually. The ashram is inside us, and Master is also inside us, so don’t worry if we don’t have any properties. Our homes are also our own ashrans. As long as we have a tranquil mind, a peaceful atmosphere, we can freely meditate by our selfves, it’s good enough regardless whether we have an ashram or not. Both new and old places are very good. Have a happy and progressing spiritual practice.