Video-1158 Tim Qo Tu’s Energy-Embedded Stones for World Peace
Video-1158 Tim Qo Tu’s Energy-Embedded Stones for World Peace
No. 1158
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2018.09.26
Language / English
Time (mins) / 33,30
Published date / 2018.10
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  • Summary

“In fact for eons, for peace, for love, for enlightenment of humankind, and for liberation of all beings.” For some hundred years or some thousand years ago, because Tim Qo Tu wanted peace for this world so much; so She embedded some molecules, special in some stones, around the planet. “Your energy forged a love ring around the stones and enabled the Earth to form a protection for the world’s peace.” But embedded the healing power energy into it and this energy will not fade with time. I hate this kind of running and recycling again and again in the circle, and with so much suffering. I really want to finish with all this.

Might there be a day in the future that we will be able to know about the stones, and where they are, and if they can be accessed or not in the future? I don’t know at the moment. I’m just afraid that mundane people, they might go and destroy it all, you understand? Because these stones they’re also spiritually valuable. They’re not just for physical. In many aspects, they are very good. They’re excellent! And they should be there like to stabilize the planet. So that the Earth gods can use this power to protect this world, in some degree. To stabilize the world.