Video-1161 The Truth about Maya’s Dark Force and Temptations
Video-1161 The Truth about Maya’s Dark Force and Temptations
No. 1161
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2018.11.07
Language / English
Time (mins) / 35
Published date / 2019.01
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But he cheated. He wanted just to have a boon, and then just to create a world so he could rule. Because God is all good and loving and Kindness. God never imagined Maya would do all this and that, and to capture the souls and to imprison them forever, and recycling suffering and sorrow. It pains me so much just to think about all these poor souls being so innocent and helpless, and victimized and abused. And then being tempted into doing wrong things and then getting blamed for it. I was really wanting so much to break the reincarnation cycle.

Food is the most instrumental in connecting all beings together. Because of the farmers, and the fertilizers, no matter what, organic or not. And then the work to do, and then the rain god, and the wind god, sun god, the earth, and the people who toil for it, and the people who have to harvest it, and the people who have to transport it. Taking care of it every day, and then harvest, wash and clean, and package and transport. And then the supermarket people have to arrange it and sell it, and the car has to go there to buy and bring home. Directly and indirectly, it’s a lot of connection.

Because, it’s not only God’s Divine Power, but the humans have to want it. Yeah? The humans also have to make the effort. Otherwise, Godses will do everything? And where is human’s free will? It will seem dictatorial. Even the doctor, if he wants to heal you, he asks you, no? And he needs your signature, before he operates on you. That’s why we are still working. On our Supreme Master Television. Trying to talk to people, to make them understand more, to let them wake up more, and take it more seriously.