Video- The Surangama Sutra: The Origin of Demonic States (2018.12.25)
Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Origin of Demonic States (2018.12.25)
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2018.12.25
Place / Taiwan (Formosa) New Land
Language / English
Time (mins) / 29,38,35,38
Published date / 2019.06
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If we have some reverent beings, we have to treat them nicely. You must know. I always tell you, a long time already, so you do always the same. The monks and nuns sit somewhere separate, as separate as possible. We have to protect them, protect their purity, for you. It’s not like I love them more than I love you. It’s just they need to be a little distant. You go home, you just sit with anybody, hug each other, sleep with each other, but they are different. They need to be separated. Because we can influence them with some of our negative thinking, impure energy.

“The lords of these heavens, however, are all Bodhisattvas who roam in samadhi. They gradually progress in their practice and make transferences to the way cultivated by all Sages.”The kings of these heavens, they are already Bodhisattvas stationed, fixed. But these people who meditate and enter some samadhi of emptiness and are attached to that, they still do not reach their ultimate goal, and they have to come back, and they have to be responsible for their karmic debt just like us even. Therefore, it is Nirvana, the best, meaning the highest level of sainthood. They call that area the Fifth level, at least. So I might take you to another place above the Fifth level.

Why did He liken this demon to a thief? Because they can steal. They steal your spiritual energy. If you let them near and they use it to empower themselves. The more they steal from you, the more powerful they become, and the weaker you are, and then they will control you. Always remember the Five (Holy) Names, they protect you. Never think that you are anybody. Always pray for help. There are Gods and Goddesses and Bodhisattvas, Buddha, always trying to help you if you call for help, before you call even. It’s just if you call then it’s better, together. You call, they respond, so you are connected with each other.

You have all that, what the Buddha has inside, just sleeping inside, covered. The (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound are not all. It’s not the ultimate. It’s just the reassurance. The precepts, the moral elevation, the virtues, the loving kindness that you develop, those are even more important. The happiness inside you, that’s even more important. All of that together, it’s not just that, but of course, the (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound help you, make you happy, cleanse you, assure you that you go on the right path.

The Buddha praised that we have the same inherent enlightenment, brightness, Buddha Nature like Himself and all the Buddhas in ten directions. How great are we, can you grasp that? We are the same as the Buddhas. We have the same property, like the Buddha! How great! Can you imagine how great you are? Everybody would go worship the Buddha, but we have the same thing. The Buddha mentioned it here, not only here. Buddha mentioned it all the time that all beings have the same Buddha essence inside. Imagine how great you are! I should worship you. I should also bow to you.

Even the Maya and demons are strong, but you are stronger, remember. You are the Buddha. Remember that. You have Buddha inside. Call unto that Buddha, Master Power, to protect you all the time. If you think if the Buddha, you’re connected with the Buddha. Even if you’re not strong enough to protect yourself, the Buddhas protect you, the Saints, all the Saints in all directions. Just like a prince, he will be a king, but he is still an infant, and he’s vulnerable, but his parents are king. They protect him if he calls.

So, all these demons and ghosts, even the kings of demons, powerful in heaven, they are still imprisoned by this worldly passion and possessiveness. While you are in Samadhi, you are enjoying connecting with the Buddha Power, with your own Buddha Nature inside. You enjoy, you are pure, you are uplifted. “Therefore, they cannot affect you any more than a blowing wind can affect light, or as if a knife cannot cut through water.” Keep your mind straight, recite the Five (Holy) Names all the time when you meditate. No desire of anything; no thinking of even desiring anything; nothing; just want liberation, want to know your Buddha Nature.