Video- Happy Children’s Day - ”Where Are the Bottles?” (2019.04.04)
Video- Happy Children’s Day - ”Where Are the Bottles?” (2019.04.04)
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2019.04.04
Place / Taiwan (Formosa) New Land
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 31,30
Published date / 2019.06
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Happy Children's Day! You (adults) always ask a lot of questions but kids never ask. Now I want to ask kids a question. Did you behave well? Yes! Another question. Did you practice spiritually? If you are initiated, have you been meditating? (Yes!) Good. If you are not yet initiated, do you want to practice meditation? (Yes!) Ah! Good kids. Why? Why do you want to practice? Because of Master. Another reason. Tell me. Scared of going to hell. Oh, scared of going to hell. That's right! What else? Behind, there are a few. Because I want to go back to Heaven. Wow! Great!

If I found one bottle, definitely I’d look for others. I could see the bucket and one bottle, then why couldn’t I see the other five bottles. I put them there in one row, like a row of teddy bears falling in line. I couldn’t figure it out, so I asked the Heavenly Guards. I asked, “Why? Why didn’t I see them a while before? Why can I see them now? Why did I see only one bottle before, and why can I see the other bottles now? Why?” They replied, “Master, Your soul has ascended too high. So You could only see half of the bottles.”