Video- Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Diary: The Living Masters Can Liberate All redeemable Souls (2019.05.05)
Video- Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Diary: The Living Masters Can Liberate All redeemable Souls (2019.05.05)
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2019.05.05
Place / Taiwan (Formosa)
Language / English
Published date / 2019.10
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I'm going to read you some of my diary today. All this information came from when I meditated. For example, why Shakyamuni Buddha had to refer to Amitabha Buddha in order to save one of His followers in jail. And she was in jail and she was praying to Shakyamuni Buddha to save her, to help her, and then He appeared ― not physically; a Light body. Master has many bodies, can manifest a body anywhere when necessary, but it's not necessarily that you can see. A Master in the physical body can even use another physical body, but must have a physical body. When a Master is in the world, He doesn't just liberate the disciples, He liberates the whole world during His lifetime, with some exceptions. I will tell you which ones cannot be liberated.

Why did the devas, the heavenly beings, praise Shakyamuni Buddha as having rescued numerous beings, rescued the world? How? Why? When the Buddha is in the world, because the physical body is connected with all beings in the physical realms, you are connected together in this physical dimension, one way or another. And then you take food from this world and you breathe the same air with everyone else, and you drink water from the world, and many other things. Every little thing connects the Buddha with this world. So, He can use that to connect with people and help them to liberate. That’s why. Because the Buddha didn’t just liberate His own disciples, official disciples. He liberated all beings on the same planet that He lived; as long as He lived.

The Buddhas and Christ, any Saint, rescue all the people, all the beings in this world, as long as They are in this world. And Their energy will linger in the world for 300, 500 years after, after Their Nirvana. It depends on how powerful the Saint was or is. All beings are or will be uplifted recently because your Master is stronger now. Except some exceptions, that I will read to you. All beings on this planet, as long as I live, as long as your Master lives, She will uplift them all to the New Land, but gradually; depends. But at least they're liberated.

Her tears even wet the whole pillow. After she woke up, she said that Master was working so hard. She woke up crying and said, Master was on Her way to mainland China. She said the road was all covered with stones and thorns. The road was covered by deep snow. Master was small in figure, and the snow was up to Master’s knees. Master trudged alone, wearing very thin clothes, carrying a small backpack. But Master was carrying a very big invisible bag. She said that bag was the world’s karma and the karma of all sentient beings.