Video- In Gratitude to Mothers’ Boundless Love (2018.05.13)
Video- In Gratitude to Mothers’ Boundless Love (2018.05.13)
Category / 2018 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2018.05.13
Place / Taiwan (Formosa) Kaohsiung
Time (mins) / 21,14,19,14
Published date / 2019.05
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I give thanks to all the mothers. I thank all the mothers everywhere in the world and in the universes, for giving a chance for the enlightened Masters to come to our world and other worlds to enlighten us, to bless the planets, and to bring happiness, improvement, better atmosphere, good changes for all beings to benefit. Mothers are the hardest workers of all the workers, especially if she has children under ten, then she works like 24/7. Motherhood or housekeeper, housewife, housewife are the most occupied jobs in the world, right? But mostly it’s the most unthankful job.

Those who still have mothers are the luckiest people. When I met my parents the first time in many decades in Hong Kong, I felt like I’m a kid. I feel like so free, you know what I mean? Feel like you don’t have to feel responsible for anything. If you say something wrong, it’s OK. If you don’t do your job well today, that’s OK. You feel young again, like spoiled children again, and it was a very, very beautiful feeling. If you have your parents still and you still can stay with them, I suggest you stay with them as long as you can, because it is a blessing to stay with parents.

If you can, you turn on the machine to wash your clothes yourself. And you can clean the floor, help her to wash dishes, tidy up the house. Don’t throw socks and hats everywhere. Even if she goes out to work outside the house, when she comes home, she still needs to do a lot of work at home. Because the more you grow up, the older and more tired the mother becomes with the years. The stronger you grow, the weaker Mom becomes, so try to think about her feelings, her physical condition and give a lot, a lot of love to the mother, and father of course.

We can never thank our mothers enough for their boundless love. To honor all mothers on Earth, we will present to you a special Mother’s Day celebration by our Association members from around the world from a 2018 gathering at Kaohsiung center in Taiwan, also known as Formosa. This performance is to present a traditional Korean wedding ceremony. Up next is a sing-along song. Thank You, our dearest beloved Master and the grace of Heaven. And please remember to send your mother a loving wish this Mother’s Day.