Video-0769(1.2) The Jeweled Verses
Video-0769(1.2) The Jeweled Verses
No. 769
Category / Entertainment
Language / Aulacese
Time (mins) / 83,82
Published date / 2006.11
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  • Summary

The Jeweled Verses is a collection of timeless poems by celebrated Âulạcese(Vietnamese) poets who have offered the world their magnificent verses. In The Jeweled Verses, we will have the blessed opportunity to enjoy the gentle, silken and elegant reciting voice of Supreme Master Ching Hai. From these treasured verses of old, Supreme Master Ching Hai is sending her eternal love to those souls that appreciate Truth, virtue and beauty, inspiring countless people to rediscover their inner source of Light.

  1. The Jeweled Verses means the Precious Treasures. In The Jeweled Verses, we are so fortunate to enjoy Supreme Master Ching Hai’s gentle and elegant reciting of poetry by celebrated Âulạcese poets such as Cung Trầm Tưởng, Đoàn Phú Tứ, Hoàng Ngọc Châu, Hồ Dzếnh, Huy Cận, Lưu Trọng Lư, Ngụy Ngữ, Nguyên Sa, Nguyễn Đình Toàn, Nguyễn Đức Sơn, Phạm Thiên Thư, Quang Dũng, Thái Can, and Thâm Tâm, who have offered the world their magnificent verses.
  2. Poetry and music are the sounds resonating from benevolent souls, although at times relaying sorrow and discontentment, grief and misery. Ultimately, poetry and music are forever a refreshing stream that nourishes humanity, nurturing dedicated spirits and noble ways of life. Conveyed through the genuine, heartfelt and loving reciting voice of Supreme Master Ching Hai, renowned poems of past eras are the refreshing stream that permeates the heart and soul of humanity, awakening the spirit within each of us, within those who are struggling in times of bleakness and bewildered in a turbulent century.
  3. Âulạcese (Vietnamese) poetry reciting is a classical art that’s gradually being lost. It’s such a rare and precious opportunity to listen and enjoy the Supreme Master Ching Hai’s beautiful lyrics and reciting at this age. Due to her compassion to all living beings, the Supreme Master Ching Hai wears artificial fur clothing in this film.


1. "Endless River"
2. "An Innocent Morning"
3. "A Silk Dress from Ha-Dong"
4. "The Grotto of Yellow Flowers"
5. "Hesitation"
6. "Autumn in Paris"
7. "The Two Shores"
8. "Farewell My Love"
9. "Melancholy on a Rainy Night"
10. "Lovesick"
11. "The Color of Time"
12. "One Winter"
13."Somber Verses"
14. "I Know You're Leaving..."
15. "A Touch of Melancholy"
16. "Long Distance Love"
17. "Eyes of a Maiden from Son Tay"
18. "Simple Dream"
19. "The Ever Elusive Fragrance"
20. "A Visit to the House of the Past"
21. "Ode to a Farewell"
22. "Saigon"
23. "When You Return"
24. "For My Love"
25. "The Grotto of Yellow Flowers"