Video-0770(1.2) The Golden Lotus
Video-0770(1.2) The Golden Lotus
No. 770
Category / The Supreme Master's Poetry
Event date / --
Language / Aulacese
Time (mins) / 57,58
Published date / 2007.02
Smartphones / Aulacese,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,English,Spanish  |  
Tables / Aulacese,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,English,Spanish  | 
PCs / Aulacese,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,Dutch,English,French,German,Hungarian,Japanese,Korean,Portuguese,Spanish,Thai
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  • Summary

We invite you to listen to the recital of the Most Venerable Thích Mãn Giác’s beautiful verses through the melodious voice of Supreme Master Ching Hai. In addition, two of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s own poems, “Golden Lotus” and “Sayonara,” were dedicated to the Zen Master Mãn Giác. In accompaniment with poetry recital is the performance by a renowned Aulacese(Vietnamese)traditional orchestra, such that each poem is infused with a uniquely Aulacese(Vietnamese)resonance. In addition to that is the spectacular landscapes of Âu Lạc(Vietnamese); and thus together, nature and music weave an exquisite painting that is filled with artistic values. Through this treasured video/audio collection, may the audience enjoy their journey on the sacred path toward Truth, Virtue and Beauty.

  1. "The Golden Lotus"
  2. "Footprints"
  3. "Zen Master"
  4. "Reciting the Sutra"
  5. "Whimsical"
  6. "Malibu"
  7. "A Grain of Sand"
  8. "Meditation"
  9. "Awakened from a Dream"
  10. "Everlasting"
  11. "Spirit of Asia"
  12. "Those Who Passed By"
  13. "Free White Clouds"
  14. "Vu Lan in the Human Heart"
  15. "Water Droplet on a Blade of Grass"
  16. "Clear Still the Moon"
  17. "Where Is Spring Now"
  18. "A Rose Blossom For My Beloved"
  19. "Eternal Dream"
  20. "Arrival of Spring"
  21. "Attainment"
  22. "Sayonara"