Video-0755 The Laughing Saints
Video-0755 The Laughing Saints
No. 0755
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2003.02.03
Place / (USA) Florida Center
Language / English
Time (mins) / 116
Published date / 2005.05
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  • Summary

If the animals are not over the Second World, they still retain the form of animals.

My animals are over that already, so their forms are different, like fairies, beautiful, bright, golden hair, golden light, and everything! Their real form is beautiful!

But the other animals, when they are just very little enlightened, they have to stay in the Astral World, or in the Second World, but they are more beautiful.

All the birds in Heaven are so beautiful! Some birds are like.... The feathers on their head are so silky, and it cascades all over their body, coming down to merge with other hair. And when they stand up, they walk like human, yeah, almost as tall. And, sometimes not that tall, but they walk and their hair is flowing, so beautiful, flaming red, the color. Wow, all kinds of colors! Beautiful! The birds in the Second World are like that.

So, when you see birds here, they are not much compared to that. Even though they are enlightened, but they don't have that beautiful color like the real birds in Heaven.

So beautiful! And the birds and all the animals in the Astral World, they can transform into human, human form, for a while. Yeah, because they also have enough merit. The Astral or the Second, they can metamorphose themselves into human form, beautiful ones, better than us. But, not for long, you know?

But the ones who already pass the Third World must be at least 60% enlightened. Then, they have permanent human form. They could become animals if they want, but they don't have to. Do you know what I mean? Not like other lower animal worlds, they cannot keep the human form for too long. The human form is precious, yeah.

Most of the birds and dogs can pass now, can keep their forms forever. If they die now, they just go straight there, pass the Third World, and then retain their form! But all my birds and dogs will. Before they die, they will, they will pass all that. And no one will have to stay in the 2nd world even, or 3rd world even. And then they can be with Momma! Sit there! Eat soup like everybody, in Heaven!