00408 Compassion of a Great Master
00408 Compassion of a Great Master
No. 00408
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Retreat
Event date / 19880818
Place / Yilan,Formosa
Language / Chinese+German(German for about 4 minutes)
Time (mins) / 65
Publication No. / CD-mp3-CR02
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  • Summary

Why do we sometimes meditate and struggle for hours but still get no experience? It’s all because we meditate with our ego and mind, trying too hard to concentrate, forcing ourselves too much and being so attached and pressed! That’s why we get no experience. That is not meditation, it is only practice. True meditation should be in every situation, including walking, standing, sitting and lying down. That’s why you get good experiences sometimes when you fall asleep. When you look at Master with concentration, you are meditating at that moment, because you are so happy to see Master and enjoy listening to Master’s lectures very much, so you keep concentrating on it and naturally put down everything else. So if this is not meditation, what else could be?

When you are calmed down, you’ll have all the experiences. At that time, did you see Master’s lecture hall turn to Pureland? Pureland is a place that is extremely bright and shines with great light. That’s what it means by 'Pureland is just in front of us’. In this mundane world, if we concentrate, any place is Pureland and Maya is also Buddha,.

Mundane world is in every instant, Pureland is in every instant, and Paradise is also in each and every instant. Our experiences depend on our inner feelings. When you see the light, you go to Nirvana at that moment; when you fall down and get scolded by Master, you are back to the mundane world. It’s the same when we leave this body in the future; we will go to Pureland forever. But now we should practice well so that we can attain that place forever.

What is true love of Master? It’s not sweet talks or good actions, but to really train you and cleanse your dark karmas to let you truly grow up and become a person with demeanor and responsibility.