Video-0710(1.2) Celebrating Master's Birthday
Video-0710(1.2) Celebrating Master's Birthday
No. 710
Category / Entertainment
Event date / 2000.05.14
Place / (Korea) Young Dong Center
Translation / Korean:Chinese
Language / English
Time (mins) / 80,83
Published date / 2003.10
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  • Summary

On May 8, 2000, the year of the new millennium, Supreme Master Ching Hai came to the magnificent and picturesque Korean peninsula, where She was greeted by nearly 10,000 spiritual seekers from Korea and around the world who bathed in God's grace as they experienced the saintly atmosphere of Heaven. This was the last stop on the Supreme Master's "Ocean of Love” lecture tour, spanning nine countries in Oceania and Asia. Following the lecture, Master not only joined the Korean people in prayer, She then joined Association members in a six-day international retreat that focused on bringing hope for peace between South Korea and North Korea. Sure enough, one month later, the government leaders of both sides came together and shook hands for the first time in half a century, followed by peaceful interactions and activities.

During the meditation retreat, Korean practitioners also shared the great news that the government of South Korea officially acknowledged The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association as a legal religious entity and organization. In celebration of Mother's Day, many spectacular programs were performed to wish Master "Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday!"