00090 Pratyeka Buddha
00090 Pratyeka Buddha
No. 00090
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 1986.08.31
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 1h28m58s
Publication No. / "The Immediate Key of Enlightenment", Chinese version(vol. 4)
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  • Summary

Pratyeka Buddha means the dharma is gained through one's own enlightenment, so there is not too much power in it, but at the most only for self enlightenment, or for passing the enlightenment to a couple of other people. The enlightenment comes from the incidental right choice of method during spiritual practice which is not one's real method but only makes him succeed by chance.

Pratyeka Buddhahave practiced for a long time life after life, and now becomes Buddha naturally. If we haven't practiced very well life after life, but we now meet a great spiritual practitioner who has a lot of merits, who may also share a little of his merits with us and pull us up to a higher level.

A great master is just like a living Buddha. You will have all the merits if you listen to him; if you don't listen, nobody will accept you as disciples and you will have no merit even if you go and worship all Buddhas of ten directions and three periods of times.


  1. What is a spiritual method?
  2. Why can't a Pratyeka Buddha lead others to liberation like him?
  3. According to Buddhist scriptures, many Pratyeka Buddhas don't need to learn anything themselves, because they have already studied well . But why do they still come to Shakyamuni Buddha's lectures and learn from Shakymuni Buddha?
  4. Can one become Buddha if he retreats in the mountain without seeing anyone else or going to town?
  5. Can we meditate at home and go to listen to Master's lectures during retreats by using our spiritual consciousness?
  6. All practicing methods can bring merits, but these are material blessings which can
  7. What is karma?
  8. Since Shakymuni Buddha didn't teach any new religious doctrines, then how did the name of Buddhists come into being?
  9. How can we leave this world now with all the causes and effects created by us life after life? How can we be liberated from all these?
  10. Why would Master tell some people to worship mountain while others to worship the Buddha?
  11. Worshipping Buddhas sincerely will bring a little blessing, but this is not enough. What do we need in order to receive the greatest blessing?
  12. How to make "causality and affinity" change our fixed karma a little bit?
  13. Five generations will be elevated after initiation. How long will it take?
  14. Can a child distinguish bad from good? Is one・sage related to wisdom?
  15. Not getting married doesn't mean unfilially. What is real filial piety? What is the highest way to "return the kindness"?