Video-0638 Bring Out the Best in Yourself
Video-0638 Bring Out the Best in Yourself
No. 0638
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1998.10.4
Place / (USA) Florida Center
Language / English
Time (mins) / 102
Published date / 2003.11
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  • Summary

Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture:

In whatever situation, we have to check only ourselves: What are we going to do with this situation? What are we going to be? What do we want to show? Which part of goodness do we want to present to our partner or to the world? It is not that the other partner has to present us anything! Whatever he or she wants to present, that's their problem. Our problem is just us; it's always us. But most people, when they are married or when they have a partner or friendship, they pay all their attention to the other part, the other half, and check it out: "Oh, he did it wrong." "She did it badly." "Oh, she's no good." "He's not nice." We forget that we have to check ourselves. We are the ones who are important. Any relationship, any situation, is for us to learn, not for the other person. The other person is only a catalyst. It is an excuse for us to exercise our power, our imagination about ourselves...

  1. Master discusses a broad range of topics related to both spiritual cultivation and day-to-day existence. For instance, regarding the single life, she says, "Being alone is also a privilege." Why is that so?
  2. In rendering worldwide relief to disaster victims and the needy, how does Master decide on the forms of assistance to be provided in various situations?
  3. When our livelihood depends on a job that exhausts us both physically and mentally and even undermines our spiritual progress, what action should we take?
  4. What are the unique qualities that help women reach sainthood more easily?
  5. Master also delivers a wonderful discourse on marital relations and social interaction, making this video/audio all the more appealing to fellow initiates and the general public alike.