Video-0655(1,2) Return to the Innocence of Childhood
Video-0655(1,2) Return to the Innocence of Childhood
No. 655
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1999.05.31
Place / (Sweden) Stockholm
Translation / Swedish
Language / English
Time (mins) / 67,65
Published date / 2007.10
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From the beautiful country of Sweden, the Supreme Master Ching Hai speaks to us of returning to the innocence of our childhood, when we were most innately connected with God and our inner spirituality. As we all grow older, society causes us to lose our bond with the Divine Spark. However, through the Quan Yin Method, we can easily return to divinity, clarity, and sainthood, just as if we were children seeing the world anew. Follow Supreme Master Ching Hai as she speaks about the evolution of our life from our innocent beginnings and how we can again realize true happiness, a gift given to us through our connection to God. For when we truly place our trust totally and completely in God, just as a child would to a parent, we then truly understand the nature of the universe and the pathway to the Kingdom of God. It is as simple as that.