Video-0667 Be a Torchbearer for God
Video-0667 Be a Torchbearer for God
No. 0667
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1999.11.25
Place / (South Africa) Johannesburg
Language / English
Time (mins) / 117
Published date / 2002.04
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture:

Many people ask me all the time: "What happens when we die?" and I always say, "I haven't died yet so I don't know." But we can experience the feeling of death during our deepest prayers or contemplation. When we’re in deepest prayer, we’re oblivious to all our surroundings, including ourselves, and all our worries depart from us. This is the time that the Indian yogis call "samadhi." During this samadhi time we experience oneness with God, almost like at the time when we die. That's why in the Bible it is mentioned, "Learn to die so that you will begin to live". And a saint also said, "I die daily" and "Whoever forsakes the flesh for the spirit will find God," etc. But how do we forget or forsake the flesh? Every day we have so much difficulty in surviving. Every little thing that we see around us, everything we encounter during our lifetime, always tries to remind us that we’re a physical beings, we’re just mere mortal, weak, feeble human beings, helpless in face of destiny. So how can we forget this? We can! We can if we practice. We can if we know how. It’s very simple. Each one of us can do this. We have children from six years old, even younger than that... five! They already experience oneness with God. They experience the phenomenal feeling of forsaking the flesh and uniting with the spirit, or visiting Heaven while living.

  1. What is the secret of the universe, and how is it related to choices made by our own consciousness?
  2. Biased doctrines make people feel guilty in doing everything; how can we free ourselves from such shackles?
  3. What kind of freedom should we aspire for?
  4. Can the Convenient Method of meditation offer as mush result as the initiation?
  5. Why we need the guidance of an Enlightened Master in practicing spiritually? With what power can a Master protect all disciples?
  6. What is the true meaning behind the vegetarian diet? Why is it so important to enlightenment?
  7. Since we should not kill, how do we handle the flies, cockroaches or fleas?
  8. What are the three kinds of dreams?
  9. Ancient humankind once enjoyed a Golden Era. How did it vanish, and how can we enjoy it again?