Video-0698 A Master Incognito
Video-0698 A Master Incognito
No. 0698
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2000.05.12
Place / (Korea) Young Dong
Language / English
Time (mins) / 64
Published date / 2008.09
Updated date / 2023.08.12
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PCs / Aulacese,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,English,French,German,Indonesian,Japanese,Korean,Spanish,Thai
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  • Summary

Supreme Master Ching Hai expresses what it is like to be a Master and how she lives in this physical world. From global traveling to taking care of initiates, everything in life seemed to be tangled with thorns and prickles for her. She shares with us some humorous and heart-warming stories of her own experiences, and how she manages to surpass all obstacles.

How fortunate it was to have this retreat held on Master’s birthday, Master and disciples were able to celebrate together in a joyous ambience. Master also mentioned the challenges every country faced while promoting the Quan Yin Method--Luckily, the world is getting more and more receptive to spirituality.