00265-2 See Through the Work of Maya
00265-2 See Through the Work of Maya
No. 00265-2
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 1987.08.09
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Hsintien
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 54m15s
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  • Summary

Do you know what Maya’s work is? Maya likes very much to encourage people to argue, fight and commit suicide, to find others’ fault and to see only the shortcomings by covering all the good points. Whenever one is sad, upset, self-abased, tending to commit suicide, gossiping, looking at the less good side of others, critical of Master's actions, judging Master and fellow initiates with worldly mind, etc., it's all Maya's working. We should identify it immediately. Maya's working is very subtle. He has many ways to drag us away, so we should have a strong will.

In fact, Maya is no big deal. He is only a tool to test us. We need tests during our spiritual practice so that we can know what levels we are in. Therefore, we should not be hateful to the power of Maya. We just have to be careful to know his existence. We should know it when we are tested by Maya. Whenever we notice that we like to gossip or find faults in Master and fellow initiates, we should know that Maya is here and that we should stop it right away.

We are liberated once we got initiated, and our names are registered and our spiritual status waiting for us. But there will be nothing if we walk away ourselves. So Master reminds us: don't forget the Maya; don't forget the power of Maya. He is testing us every day to see if we are worthy going back to enjoy this status. Spiritual practitioners should check inwardly all the time so as to leave no chance for the Maya.

  1. What types of Master's teachings are there? Why are the most profound teachings taught only by the inner Master?
  2. Which spiritual level does the lotus flower represent? How should we practice spiritually so that we won't be influenced by the outside world?
  3. Why does Master say it's the age of Maya's? Does the law that "everything is created by the mind" apply to the golden age or Dharma's ending age?
  4. Before reaching the high level in spiritual practice, why is it very important to listen to Master's lectures? Why should we rely on Master's power in our spiritual practice?
  5. The religious system nowadays all teaches people that human can be liberated only after death. Is it a kind of Maya's trap?
  6. How does Maya attack the disciples of an enlightened Master? Masters can give initiation to a lot of people, but why is it that only those with the greatest merits can continue to stay for spiritual practice?
  7. How to distinguish between the true teachings and the false ones? Why are Maya's teachings liked by people while the enlightened Master's teachings are not easily welcomed?
  8. How to achieve eternal safety and not to be used by Maya? What is truly being together with Master?
  9. Why is Master's actions 100% correct? What is the difference between the level of intelligence and the level of sainthood?
  10. Why shouldn't spiritual practitioners brag? How to know our own level and not to let the level cheat us?
  11. Why will greed for blessing power only bring us karma and hinder our spiritual practice?