00274 How to Find the Buddha Nature
00274 How to Find the Buddha Nature
No. 00274
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 1987.09.08
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Luodong, Yilan
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 1h06m56s
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  • Summary

Shakyamuni Buddha talked about "the outside teaching apart from tradition". Since the teaching is not in the scriptures and the Buddha nature can't be found there either, where could we find the Buddha nature? Supreme Master Ching Hai points out: reading and reciting Sutras does not make a Buddha; worshiping Buddha does not make a Buddha either; let alone worshiping mountains and rivers. Worshiping mountains can make you a mountain, worshiping rivers can make you a river, and only worshiping Buddha nature can make you a Buddha. If we meet someone who knows how to worship, that person could help us to find our Buddha nature very quickly.

After we find our Buddha nature, we can have everything. We will have less and less sufferings. It doesn't mean that there would be no suffering, but that we have greater endurance, so we don't feel much even if there are sufferings. After we find our Buddha nature, it does not mean that the society would change; of course there will be some change, but we won't care if it's changed or not at that time. Since we have grown up ourselves, our power become greater so as to go beyond any hindrance and change any situation. Because we have power, and the spiritual power is the greatest. . Shakyamuni Buddha can do many wonderful things, Jesus Christ can save people from sickness and sufferings or help them attain liberation; it's all because they practice spiritually and develop their spiritual power.

  1. Do stones also have Buddha nature? What's the difference between the Buddha nature of stones and that of humans?
  2. What is Buddha nature? Is having human body a prerequisite for finding Buddha nature?
  3. What substances is the human body made from? Why are ordinary people very miserable when they leave the world?
  4. What is spiritual body? Where does spiritual body come from? How should we nurture our spiritual body?
  5. Can human live forever and never grow old? Why would ordinary people feel bored and miserable even if they could become immortal?
  6. What are the special missions for the immortal spiritual practitioners in the Himalayas? What is the difference between the thinking of great spiritual practitioners and that of the ordinary people?
  7. What is spiritual practice? Do we need to practice spiritually whether we wish to have the immortality of human body or the immortality of the soul?
  8. Are there various planets with different civilizations in the universe? Why can't the scientists see beings in other planets?
  9. Great spiritual practitioners in the ancient time can travel to all planets in the universe. Can we do that, too?