00144 Only Karma Will Be with Us When We Leave the World
00144 Only Karma Will Be with Us When We Leave the World
No. 00144
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 1986.12.05
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Keelung
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 1h52m46s
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  • Summary

In this world, no matter what we have, we should leave them behind when we leave the world, including our most beloved ones, the most cherished wealth and the best treasure, none of which can be taken away by us. At that time, we are very, very lonely. Nobody would like to go with us, even if they do, they are not permitted. For example, when our wife or husband passes away, it's not possible for us to go with them even if we want to.

When we read Buddhist sutras, we hear Buddha say, if we recite the name of Amitabha Buddha, worship the Buddha and believe in the Buddha, we will never come back after we leave this world, and we will be with Buddha forever. We hear the Buddha say this and we believe it, but it can never be as true as our own experience of his coming to receive us. If we know Buddha will come to receive us, our belief will become more firm and real and we will be more grateful to Buddha. Our faith will become stronger and stronger.

Each time when someone is born, he carries with him the bad or good consequences, which we call Karma, and are sown from life after life. With the "past karma" following closely behind, "fixed karma" on the shoulders, and "immediate karma" in the front, we cannot run away. When can we pay off all these karma? Never. That is why there should be Bodhisattvas reincarnated to this mundane world to deliver us, help us and take us up, otherwise we can never leave this place.

Bodhisattvas do not care if we eat meat or vegetarian, or how much karma we have. But if we only practice our speech and mind without practicing in action, karma will still drag us down and affect the level at our death, because this is the law of nature. Eating meat and drinking wine will ruin our body, not to talk about the spirit or soul. This body alone will be affected a lot.

We have the opportunity to become Buddha every life time we are reborn as humans. But every life time, we have a lot of hindrance and are surrounded by Maya's obstructions, and there's no way to get acquainted with good and wise people or a high-level method. That's why we cannot be liberated. It's very pitiful. Even if we meet the good and wise people, we are still doubtful and cannot believe his teachings right away. However, it's still better than not meeting them, because no matter what, we will be influenced by him and receive a few seeds for our merit field. Anytime we want to use the seeds, they are ready for our use.

  1. In case our most beloved and respected one left the world one day and went far away from us, how would we feel at that time? Will it be useful to recite Buddha's names, believe in Buddha, listen to Buddha's teachings or meditate?
  2. Will husband and wife or romantic partners walk the same path and go to the same destination after they die?
  3. Many people have been reciting the Buddha's names for dozens of years, will Bodhisattvas come and receive them when they pass away?
  4. In the process of being born, growing old, getting ill and death, being born is probably painful, getting old is probably painful, and of course, getting ill is more painful, but death might not necessarily be painful. The initiates have been prepared. What are we prepared for?
  5. "Everything is created by the mind". Since "everything is created by the mind", how should we fix up that mind?
  6. Why didn't the Bodhisattvas come when we prayed so heartedly and sincerely? Will every Bodhisattva or Buddha appear in the form that we expected, including their clothes and hair style?
  7. What is the most important principle for searching for the Tao?
  8. Humans like nothing but comfort. It's the same in this world. They like to join in the fun when they see the place of extravagant feasting and revelry. They like living in a comfortable house, sleeping on a big comfortable bed and eating delicious food. It's also the same after they die. They run in whenever they see a comfortable place, but are the comfortable places the best places to go?
  9. Spiritual practice includes the practice of body, speech and mind. If one aspect is missing, will we be dragged down by karma when we die, even if the other two aspects have already been cleansed?
  10. We can go to heaven even if we just reach the lower grade and lower birth in our spiritual practice, but why must we attain the upper grade and upper birth?
  11. It is said that "nine generations will be liberated after one has attained the Tao", so five generations will be liberated after initiation. Why is that?
  12. Bodhisattvas have many kinds of methods to save people. Some people should be made to love you, and some people should be encouraged and moved with gentle words, but why should some people be made to hate you?
  13. During the initiation, all past karma accumulated life after life is cleaned, with none of the karma left. But why can't the karma of the arrogant people be cleaned?
  14. It's happier in heaven than in this world, but why isn't there any benefit to be a heavenly being?
  15. Why does the population grow while the people reciting Buddha's names increase?
  16. What are the differences between the state of heavenly beings and that of Buddha?
  17. The Buddhist teaching says that the karma will never be diminished. But Master says, there is no karma in higher worlds. Karma does not exist originally and karma will never be diminished, the two belong to different levels.
  18. We don't have to be attached to the religious belief of Catholicism or the Buddhism, do we?