01940-V0752 A Meeting of Love
01940-V0752 A Meeting of Love
No. 01940-V0752
Category / Video Conference
Event date / 2002.09.15
Place / (Aulac/Vietnam)
Language / Aulacese(Vietnamese)
Time (mins) / 1h03m42s
Publication No. / DVD-752
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  • Summary

Aulacese(Vietnamese) initiates hold a strong faith and diligently keep up their spiritual practice they have experienced wonderful inner and outer upliftments and developed artistic talents in writing poems and songs dedicated to God. Even though they are apart from Master, initiates receive all the answers and divine teachings from the inner Master. In this loving congregation, Supreme Master Ching Hai encouraged them, “We don't need to be near the physical Master all the time in order to learn. We are our own teacher, remember that. I am only showing you the way, showing you the path, showing that you have the Supreme Master inside who is always by your side, always show you the way, always teaching you, taking care of you, comforting you, loving you and guiding you. You are never alone in this world.”