00123 The True Meaning of Amitabha Praise
00123 The True Meaning of Amitabha Praise
No. 00123
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1986.10.19
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 1h12m23s
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  • Summary

Vibration is a kind of fine, subtle light. All scientists know that vibration is a kind of sound and light. If the sound is very fine, it turns into fine, subtle light that can be seen by our physical eyes. That's the basis of the working of television and radio stations: They send out microwave vibrations. All of the great spiritual practitioners emit such fine, subtle light, which is the so-called aura. The aura is a kind of fine, subtle light.

It’s said, "The light emitted from the Buddha’s hair transforms into billions of Buddhas." What does this mean? It means that one ray of this light can transform into many Buddhas. Why does it transform into so many Buddhas? "It transforms into countless Buddhas in order to deliver countless sentient beings." The light transforms into Buddhas who come down to the Saha world to deliver countless sentient beings. There are beings not just in this Saha world but in other worlds that are in a lot of trouble, and they need Buddhas to deliver them. That’s why the light "transforms into countless Buddhas in order to deliver countless sentient beings."

The souls of fellow initiates are not in their bodies anymore (but there is still communication between the two), because after initiation, the Master liberates the soul and sets it free by cutting the chain that binds the soul. Your body is still here and the soul is still connected to the body by a silver cord, but when your time is up and all of your fixed karma is paid off, the Master will cut the silver cord. At that time, you can walk away, leaving only the useless body behind, and then your soul will be forever free.

After initiation, if you don't continue with spiritual practice or listen to Master’s lectures or follow Master’s teachings, or if you practice other methods, then you need to come back to the Samsara world to learn again because you didn’t learn well and your soul is still in the lower level. This kind of soul must come down again to pay off the karma from his past wrongdoings.

  1. "Amitabha Buddha's body is the color of gold; the splendor of his appearance is unparalleled." Our bodies are originally white or flesh colored, but why is Amitabha Buddha's body the color of gold?
  2. We use the physical body in this world, but when we go a little bit higher, we do not use this body. Then what kind of body do we use?
  3. Most ordinary people are bound by their physical bodies. Their souls are locked inside. Where might the soul be locked in?
  4. There are no eyes, ears, tongue, body or mind in the highest level. Then how can one see the golden light emitted from the body?
  5. The Master's body is here, but this doesn't mean that the Master's soul or real Self is also here. The Master's real Self might be in a very high level. Then why does the Master's body stay here?
  6. Why do our souls become liberated and free forever after initiation?
  7. Why is it that we have to practice after initiation to avoid having spiritual difficulties?
  8. Can an ordinary person sometimes tell from one's outer appearance if one is blessed or if one is possessed by Maya?
  9. A person who is slightly advanced on the path of spiritual practice, just a little advanced and not yet a great Master, can already see our spiritual body. Then can ghosts and demons also read our thoughts?
  10. When spiritual practitioners have a good aura and vibration, sometimes little birds and monkeys come to make offerings to them. Does this mean that such people have attained a very high level in their practice?
  11. What is meant by the expression, "the splendor of his appearance is unparalleled"? When we see the image of Amitabha Buddha, is it the real Amitabha Buddha?
  12. When we reach the Third Heaven, we can see Brahma. Is Brahma a human being or a kind of higher vibration? Can ordinary beings go to that kind of level or go to Heaven?
  13. We have been in this mundane world for too long, so our bodies and souls are very weak and tired. With such a heavy burden of karma, how can our souls become free?
  14. It is said in the Diamond Sutra, "Seeing me through form or seeking me with voices is the practice of the evil path, and one cannot see Tathagata through this practice." Even if we see Amitabha Buddha and "the light of his brows shining round a hundred worlds and his eyes wide as the seas, pure and clear," this vision still doesn't bring us liberation. Isn’t this so?
  15. Sometimes we have no inner visions during spiritual practice, we see nothing, and we only hear the inner Sound. So a disciple asks the Master why the Master doesn't let him just see a little vision.
  16. What is "the Path" or the "Tao"? What is the outside Path?
  17. Does learning to become a Buddha mean worshipping Shakyamuni Buddha, following masters, or having ten Dharma names?