Video-1128A Inner Beauty is More Important
Video-1128A Inner Beauty is More Important
No. 20171008A
Category / 2017 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2017.10.08
Place / Taiwan (Formosa), Hsihu
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 34
Updated date / 2018.02
Tables / Arabic,Aulacese,Bulgarian,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,Czech,English,French,German,Hebrew,Hindi,Hungarian,Indonesian,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Malay,Mongolian,Persian,Polish,Portuguese,Punjabi,Romanian,Russian,Spanish,Thai  | 
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Our inner beauty is more important. If well cultivated within, even if we don’t look gorgeous outside, people would still like us ad chase after us. They won’t leave even when they’re asked to. If we are not well, cultivated within, but just attained a certain standard in outer appearance, very soon people would lose interest. When Shakyamuni Buddha was very old, his disciple still craved to look at him. Same as many enlightened Masters.