00297 Becoming Buddha Is the Greatest Merit
00297 Becoming Buddha Is the Greatest Merit
No. 00297
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1987.11.08
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Yilan
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 1h48m45s
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  • Summary

Why do Buddhas and Bodhisattvas come to this samsara world without encouraging us to pray for worldly blessings? Will it bring immense merit if we make offerings, build temples and print sutras? Supreme Master Ching Hai explains that immense merits are only immense in this world; nothing is immense from the  Buddha's point of view, because sooner or later everything within the Three Worlds will be destroyed, let alone your immense merits. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have all kinds of merits which are limitless to use or give away. By then, the merits that they possess seems like no merit at all. That's why we say the merit that seems like no merit is truly immense and boundless.

So we shouldn't try to hurriedly liberate sentient beings or elevate souls, or pass down our moral values to others. We should take care of our own power first, and then a single sentence benefit many people and just a single glimpse at people can comfort them. Wherever we are, that place will be cleansed by us and people there will receive blessings naturally without knowing why. This is selfless dharma transmission and selfless offering.

  1. What is Buddha's sound? Since Buddha's sound is omnipresent, can all sentient beings hear it?
  2. How do we put down our greed, hatred and ignorance? Why will we let go of this world naturally after having been to higher spiritual realms?
  3. Which two types of dharma transmission did Shakyamuni Buddha give? What are Exoteric Buddhism and Esoteric Buddhism? Does Esoteric Buddhism have to be transmission through a human body?
  4. Do we use our brain or our True Inner Master to carry on with our spiritual practice? Is it necessary to use the brain to do all the jobs in this world?
  5. What is the best prayer? Why doesn't Master stress making more offerings and gaining more merits?
  6. What is the true meaning of immense and boundless merits? How do we practice spiritually to gain such merits?
  7. Why can this world never make us satisfied? How can we truly long for the Buddha?
  8. As the Zenist saying goes, "If the Buddha comes, smash him; if a demon comes, beat him away." What deep meanings does this have? In this lecture Master tells a story about the Great Indian Master Ramakrishna who transcended the sensual level of goddess worshiping.
  9. What are true sutras and what are the false ones? Why didn't Bodhidharma encourage people to recite sutras?
  10. Why can one's relatives of nine generations be elevated after he/she attains the Tao? What are the differences between initiation and elevation to a higher realm?
  11. Is oneness with all beings the highest level?