Video-1135 Greeting A New Vegan Era Full of Hope
Video-1135 Greeting A New Vegan Era Full of Hope
No. 1135
Category / 2017 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2017.11.19
Place / Taiwan (Formosa), Hsihu
Language / Chinese,English,Aulacese
Time (mins) / 37,37
Updated date / 2018.07
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You see many good news nowadays. Even the big, great, grand China has ordered, laboratory meat. I mean no-meat meat instead. You know how many people in China. The Chinese government, the most powerful one! They can tell their people what to do. And their people will listen. More than any other countries on the planet. I have very big faith in Chinese government, in their power, in their influence on their citizens. And if Chinese blaze the trail on vegetarianism, then they will have hope. We have more hope, a lot more hope to save this Earth for our next generation.